Our purpose is to reduce the daily stress of meal planning and shopping by providing fast, fun and fulfilling meal ideas relevant to each shopper's individual needs while they are in the store.
We support retailers and manufacturers in selling more perishable and grocery products by providing shoppers searching for meal ideas with an engaging, quick, and relevant solution to meal planning. We target consumers directly at point-of-purchase.
Faced with too many choices and numerous offers, shoppers often retreat to the same old products used in the same old ways. Exposing shoppers to new ideas in the context of a meal solution creates incremental sales while building customer loyalty. ShoptoCook's Meal Idea Center represents a new and creative approach to marketing the perishable perimeter, an area critical to market differentiation in the competitive retail food industry.
We develop solutions to meet current demands with an eye on the future. On-demand, interactive digital media technology offerings will grow dramatically in the next few years and we intend to be the leader in developing innovative solutions to meet the retail food industry's needs.
We understand the food retail and manufacturing business, the shopper, and the technology. We honor above all else, the shopper's need for fast, relevant solutions to their problem of trying to determine what to make for dinner tonight. Our focus on sustainable solutions, continuous enhancements and ongoing support assures our customers that an investment in technology today, will reap returns far into the future.
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